We dedicate ourselves as your most reliable partner in wood working & processing that you can trust.


Your Woodworking Partner For The Long Run

Built from combined experience of wood processing & wood working and with a production area spanning over 30,000 m2, CNCP is one of the largest wood manufacturer, saw mill & kiln dry facility, and stockholder of semi finished wood products located in Gresik - Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.

CNCP’s wood manufacturing footprint includes the most active saw mill & kiln dry facility in Gresik, Surabaya. The wood processing and manufacturing facilities are supplying world class wood products to support home furnishing, interior decoration, building, architectural & engineering needs at short lead times. CNCP’s monthly capacity exceeds more than 1,650 tons. More than 10 years experience of international wood commodity exports has proven our reliability. Our consistency and punctuality on supply and immediate stock availability are the keys to our success in the international wood export market.


The Strong Foundation Of CNCP


We believe the key to our long term success is the quality and service focus of our people. CNCP wood processing company is committed to strengthen the team through continuous training for skill leverage, staff development to increase accountability and empowerment of our teams throughout the company. With our staff fully dedicated to serving our customers, we look to the future with confidence.


CNCP understands that customer needs are constantly evolving as is the way they want to deal with their ever changing market trends and requests. CNCP will always on the move to innovative new products and services to accommodate the latest trends as clients all over the world will increasingly look for new and practical products they need.


The use of processed wood in the world and in Indonesia is increasingly competitive with client’s needs to become even more complex and sophisticated. We are making substantial investments in our wood processing and wood working facility in order to allow us to efficiently meet customer needs and bring out the competitiveness by controling our operating costs.



To be the most reliable and long-term partner of wood manufacturing & wood working facility to enrich architectural - engineering - interior industrial businesses by bringing smart and efficient products or services with proven reliability.


Providing satisfaction through unique and innovative packaging machinery products and superb after sales service that deliver superior measurable value to all our customer.

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