Your Woodworking Partner For The Long Run

CNCP manufactures various wood products upon customer’s request. All of the resources are from natural wood which sourced with responsibility. CNCP is located at Gresik, Surabaya - East Java and facilitated with the high precision wood manufacturing equipment and machinery, but yet still upholding the tradition of quality checking by our experienced project manager, for a flawless delivery.

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Committed to
Long Term Relationship

At CNCP wood manufacturing factory, we respect that wood is a long run commodity, and we aim to build long term relation with our business partners through trust. If the product is consistently high quality and traceable, you will be proud to distribute it.

Committed to
Quality Woodworking

CNCP wood manufacturing factory is known for the reputation of a precise, strong and consistent wood products. Series of process and treatments with quality control are performed on every step of manufacturing process at CNCP.

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